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Best plasma with no over-heating problems


Best plasma with no over-heating problems


A plasma TV can bring a whole new set of opportunities to your home. You would be able to watch your favorite movies in a suprerior picture quality, follow your favorite tv channels and shows, view your favorite team`s games and play the video games of your choosing. These types of TVs, from the best plasma tv reviews 2013, are much better than the older LCDs. You can`t compare the coloring on a plasma to that of a LCD, the contrast level also is no match and for the quality to price ratio there is no contest either, the plasma TVs winning all in all by a land slide.

But this particular TV type have flaws of their own. One in particular that you will find in a Samsung or a Panasonic is the tendency to over-heat, which can be damaging over time. Just so you know, no model will evade over-heating and sooner or later it will fall pray to its side-effects. But don`t be alarmed, most of them will live and have great picture quality for much longer than the warranty period, making for a solid investment. So if you are looking for the best plasma with no over-heating problems, I`m afraid you won`t find it. Some have suggested that the Panasonic ones cope better with this problem than the Samsung ones, because the company has fewer lawsuits from unsatisfied customers, but from my point of view I don`t see no major difference having owned TVs from both brands.



What does over-heating to your plasma? Well, first of all it darkens the pictures, contributing to the brightness loss of the screen`s pixels. This will make the picture quality decrease, creating a shadow or haze effect on different portions of the screen. I must remind you that these problems can be temporary in many cases, but in some they can be permanent as well. Another problem that might manifest and you can easily observe is the longer time it takes to turn it on. Screen failure is not excluded and can occur in some particular cases. You may even have the bad luck of over-heating being produced during a stormm, by lightning. In this case the side effects are very severe and can cause you to change some parts or even worst change the TV.

But these problems shouldn`t throw you off from buying a plasma, because the procentage of them actually interfering with your personal one is very low. You can also be the unfortunate owner of one that has a design flaw, but you don`t need to worry cause the manufacturers will send you a new one. I presented this problem so you don`t panic if it happens to you, becasuse over-heating is mostly a temporary problem, but if left unchecked will result in shortening the life of your pixels. My conclusion is that the best plasma with no over-heating problems is a manufacturer`s myth.